This antique radio collection was started in 1985 and continues to grow today though at a much slower pace.  From the very beginning I wanted this collection to be specialized and high quality.  I've  tried to avoid radios that I've considered common and of low quality in both style and construction.  I've tried to limit my collecting range to those radios that were manufactured between 1920 to 1942.  Currently I collect Indiana mfg. radios, top of the line table model and floor model radios, and the super power sets such as E. H. Scott, McMurdo Silver, and Lincoln radios.  This web site is currently under construction and will probably be finished sometime soon but I have a number of my sets already up for viewing.  Right now this website is of a very simple format with each page having just a black background, colorful text and a few photos.  In the future when I'm done building this website, I may go back and make it fancier.  Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy viewing my collection.

    This website was created using Microsoft Publisher 97.  The photos were taken outdoors by either a 1980 Olympus OM-1 camera with a standard 50 mm lens or a 2003 Olympus PowerShot A70, 3.1 megapixel, pocket digital camera.  Photographs were scanned by a HP 4C scanner at 150 DPI and processed by Adobe Photoshop 6.  The finished web pages were uploaded using the WS_FTP Home program to Superior-Host International.  The pages, at this web site, have been designed for 800 X 600 screen resolution and most of the photos used are fairly high in resolution.  If viewed using dialup access, these pages will take some time to download but people using cable or dsl should experience normal to fast speeds in downloading these pages.

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This web site was started: September 22, 2002
This web site was last updated: April 2, 2016