Zenith Handcrafted Color TV Motion Sign
Zenith Corporation,
6001 Dickens Ave.,
Chicago, Illinois USA

    This motion sign was manufactured by Tel-A-Sign Inc. of Chicago, Illinois.  The case is made of heavy gauge brass and the feet are made of thick plastic. The Zenith advertisement is painted on an acrylic plastic sheet which has molded lenses mounted behind the "Zenith" and the "Color TV" logo.  There's a plastic color wheel mounted inside which is illuminated by two florescent light bulbs.  When the sign is turned on, the color wheel turns clockwise and the clear logos sparkle brightly in multiple colors of blue, red, yellow and white light.  This sign was purchased, in October of 2000, at an auction of the old Nightenhelser radio & television repair shop, located out in the country, just north of Bakers Corner, Indiana.

Hight...15 inches
Wedth...18.5 inches
Depth...3.25 inches

Illumination of the sign when running.

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