Wilson Radio Laboratories,
Alexandria, Indiana USA

    This particular radio can be found fitted with either an air cell battery powered chassis, a 6 volt battery chassis, a five tube AC chassis or a nine tube AC chassis which included a tuning eye tube that was mounted just above the dial.  The cabinet was manufactured by the Jenkins Cabinet Co. of Indianapolis, Indiana.  I aquired this radio, in the summer of 1988, from a farm estate auction located just north of Alexandria, Indiana.

Tube Line Up:
6K7...R.F. Amplifier
6A8...Mixer / Oscillator
6K7...I. F. Amplifier
6Q7...Detector / AVC /Audio Preamplifier
6V6...Audio Output

Height...19 inches
Width...15.5 inches
Depth...11.5 inches

Frequency Ranges:
BC Band ...500 kHz - 1650 kHz

Power Source:
AC...110 Volts

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