Wilson 25SV
Wilson Radio Laboratories,
Alexandria, Indiana USA

    This particular style of cabinet is fitted with a 5 tube battery powered chassis but Wilson also offered a 5 tube, 6 tube, 7 tube, 9 tube AC chassis and a 6 tube, 6 volt, battery/vibrator  chassis.  The arched wooden piece of wood just above the dial was designed to accommodate a tuning eye with certain chassis.  The chassis was assembled at the Wilson factory and the cabinet was manufactured by Jenkins Cabinets of Indianapolis.  Today, this cabinet style is the most common Wilson table model to be found.  I purchased this set in the fall of 1993 from Schott Auction Gallery in Alexandria, Indiana.

Tube Line Up:
34...1st. R.F. Amplifier
34...I.F. Amplifier
32...2nd. Detector
33...Audio Output

Height...18 inches
Width...15.5 inches
Depth...10.5 inches

Frequency Ranges:
BC Band ...500 kHz - 1700 kHz

Power Source:
Battery...+2 Volts
              + 135 Volts

    This tag was hand typed on a type writer and glued onto the chassis.  It shows the model # (25SV) which stands for a 5 tube radio whose tube filaments run off of a 2 volt storage battery.  The serial number 535I83 refers to the date of manufacture, May of 1935, as stated by the first three digits but it's not clear what the I82 stands for.

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