Temple, Inc.,
213 S. Peoria Street,
Chicage, Illinois, USA

    From the external appearance of this Temple speaker it's difficult to tell the weather it's a horn or a cone speaker but when the front cover is removed, the fact that it is a cone speaker is reveled.  The case is made of metal and painted dark green with the front and back edges highlighted in dark olive green.  The silk cloth is stretched over a screen domed mesh which fits tightly into the front detachable rim.  The base is made in walnut and is attached to the speaker drum by a single large screw.  The internal cone is made of a hard plaster that was filled in and shaped coil fashion in order to provide good reproduction.  The speaker is driven by a Utah speaker driver unit.
    When I acquired this speaker, I had to rebalance the armature in the driver unit  in order for it to work properly.  The sound quality is very close to that of a cone speaker.  I acquired this speaker, in 2007, at the Strawtown Auction & Flea Market in Strawtown, Indiana.

Height...15 inches
Width...13 inches
Depth...8.75 inches

Google Maps view of Peoria street as it looks today.

Internal view of the speaker with the front cover removed. The top surface has been painted black.

Internal view of the speaker with the back cover removed. The top surface has not been painted and shows it's natural white color.

This 4 page brochure shows printer blocks which Temple offered to dealers to use in thier newspaper advertisements.

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