Super Booster
Liberty Radio Corp.
Super-Booster Dist. Co.
2528 W. 7th Street
Los Angeles, California USA

    This unit consists of a primary coil which connects to the antenna and ground, a second coil which is connected to a tuning condenser and a third coil which connects to the receivers antenna and ground.  The tuning dial shows the tuning range in meters (200 - 500 meters) and has an area along the lower half of the dial which is used to log stations.  The dial also features the Patent No. 203088 which I've not been able to find online at the U.S. Patent Office's patent search website.  The two posts on the left side connect to the receiver and there are three posts in the rear which connect to a long antenna, short antenna and ground.  The bottom of the cabinet features a tag which has the address of the manufacturer (shown on the top of this web page) and the dial features a second address: Super Products Mfg. Company 918 1/2 South Vermont Street, Los Angeles, California.  I purchased this unit, in October of 2004, from an auction on ebay.

Height...5 inches
Width...9.25 inches
Depth...5 inches

Frequency Ranges:
BC Band...500 meters - 200 meters

This instruction label is located on the bottom of the Super - Booster's cabinet.

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