Sterling "Little Symphony"
Sterling Mfg. Co.,
2831 Prospect Ave.,
Cleveland, Ohio USA

    The Steling model F "Little Symphony" is a TRF radio receiver with a Loften-White audio amplifier.  All of the components, which are large in size, are tightly compacted onto a fairly small chassis.  This same chassis was also used in the Jesse French model G "Junior" and the Montgomery Ward "Meteor".  There is no AVC and set's volume is controlled by a dual volume control which controls both the screen grid voltage to the RF tubes and the sensitive of the antenna coil.  A common problem with this radio is that the windings for the rectifier tube's filament typically short to ground.  An easy remedy for this is to replace the rectifier tube with a solid state rectifier mounted in an empty four pin tube base and a 800 ohm/25 watt resistor between the rectifier and the filter choke.  If the filter capacitors are replaced, they must be replaced with capacitors of the same values as the original filter caps.  Using replacement caps of a larger capacity will result in a much increased B+ voltage.  I aquired this radio from an ebay auction in November 2009.

Tube Line Up:
24A...1st. RF Amplifier
24A... 2nd. RF Amplifier
45...Audio Output

Height...19.25 inches
Width...15 inches
Depth...10 inches

Power Source:
AC...120 Volts

Frequency Ranges:
BC...550 kHz - 1400 kHz

Click here to view the schematic for this radio which is found at the Nostalgia Air web site.

This web page was last updated: December 26, 2009