Starr Piano Company,
South First Street,
Richmond, Indiana, USA

  This radio speaker was manufactured by the Starr Piano Company of  Richmond Indiana. Starr is more well known for it's manufacture of the famous Starr line of victrolas, pianos, and it's own recording label, Gennett, which is famous for producing a variety of Jazz recordings on 78 RPM records.  The Starr speaker comprises of a wooden horn, made of Yellow Spruce, which was connected to a German made driver unit and housed in a decorative walnut cabinet.  Starr speakers never used a grill cloth, unlike most cabinet enclosed horn speakers of the time.

Hight...17 inches
Wedth...9.5 inches
Depth...10 inches

Click here to visit the Starr-Gennett Foundation, Inc. website.

Cradle of Rocorded Jazz Web Site: An excellant website on the history of Gennett Records.

Click here to view, by means of TerraServer, an arial view of the Starr Piano Company complex as it looks today.  Most of the factory buildings are gone except one which is pointed out by the red dot.  That building is the former Gennett record factory.

This speaker is considered to be of a later model.

Closeup of the Starr logo.

    The Starr Piano Company marketed radios under the "Starr" brand name from the mid 1920s to about 1931.  This 1925 set was sold as a "Starr" but was actually manufactured by American Radio and Research Corporation (Amrad), of Medford Hillside, Massachusetts, USA.  Starr also incorporated radio sets of other manufacturers in making of their own brand of radio/phone combinations.  The photo above and the one below came from an Ebay auction.

Closeup of the Starr radio's front panel logo.

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