Spencer Cardinal Sample Cabinet #652
Spencer Cardinal Corporation
Marion, Indiana

    This cabinet was likely designed to house a typical five tube, AC/DC, radio.  I'm not sure if this cabinet was ever used by any radio manufacturer since I've never seen a complete set with this cabinet.  I acquired this cabinet, in 1999, from Robert Shuck, a collector from Fishers, Indiana.

Bottom Label

design - Berg

  High                Wide              Deep                      Date
  7-1/2                  13                  6-1/8              Feb. 26, 1941

Top - 5 Ply Slliced Walnut
Front & Ends - 3 Ply Sliced Walnut
Baffle - 5 Ply Fir
All Solid Wood - Gum Lumber

Spencer Cardinal Corp.  -  Marion, Indiana

Side Label

The Spencer-Cardinal Corporation
Marion, Indiana

Sample #652

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