Sparton 842-SX
Sparks-Withington Company,
Jackson, Michigan, USA

    The Sparton 842-SX's cabinet's styling, dial, and variable voltage inputs were intended to appeal more to the European market then the American market.  The overall performance was far superior to that of the typical American table model radio offered at that time.  Each band on the set has a trimmer and a padder adjustment on each of the R.F., Mixer, and Oscillator stages.  The two I.F. transformers, which are triple tuned, makes for very sharp tuning and the push - pull 6F6G audio outputs give the radio a strong, yet warm bassy sound.  I bought this set at the 1990 AWA / Michigan Antique Radio Meet which ran for two days in Lansing, Michigan.  A local family pulled into the shows parking lot at the last hour of the shows first day and before they could unload the radio out of the car, I bought it.

Tube Line Up:
7B7...R.F. Amplifier
7J7...1st. Detector / Oscillator
6K7G...I.F. Amplifier 6E5...Tuning Indicator
7B6...2nd. Detector / AVC/
1st. Audio
2 x 6F6G...Push - Pull Audio Output

Frequency Ranges:
BC Band (White)...170m - 560m / 540 kHz - 1750 KHz
P Band (Green)...50m - 170m / 1750 KHz - 5500 KHz
SW1 Band (Red)...50m - 35 m
SW2 Band (White)...35m - 26.5m
SW3 Band (Green)...26.5m - 21.5m
SW4 Band (Red)...21.5m - 18m
SW5 Band (White)...19m - 15.5m
SW6 Band (Green)...15.5m - 13.5m
I.F. Frequency...456 Khz

Height...17 inches
Width...22.5 inches
Depth...13 inches

Power Source:
Selectable AC
110 Volts
125 Volts
150 Volts
210 Volts
220 Volts

The schematic and information for this set can be found at the Nostalgia Air web site by clicking on the link below.

Schematic & Information

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