Sparton 727X
Sparks-Withington Company,
Jackson, Michigan, USA

    1937 was probably the best year for Sparton when it came to styling of their radios.  In that year, mirrored glass and chrome was incorporated in the styling of a number of sets, which gave their radio line a very modernistic and chic look for the time.  This is the largest tombstone radio Sparton offered in 1937 and is one of the largest tombstone sets Sparton ever made.  The most notable feature of this set is the colorful, artistic large dial.  There are four bands, each in a different color of translucent white, red, blue and yellow with a cream logo in the center.  The dial's background consists of a dark green reflective glass mirror.  When the dial is lit, everything that's in color lights up while the green background remains dark.  This same dial can be found on a number of the upper models including the top of the line for that year, the 1867.  I bought this set at the 1995 I.H.R.S. October swap meet which was held at Greenfield, Indiana.

Tube Line Up:
6K7G...R.F. Amplifier
6A8G...1st. Detector / Oscillator
6K7G...I.F. Amplifier
6Q7G...2nd. Detector / AVC
2 x 6F6G...Audio Output

Height...22 in.
Width...17.75 in.
Depth...10.5 in.

Frequency Ranges:
LW Band (Yellow)...150 kHz - 400 kHz
BC Band (White)...550 kHz - 1700 kHz
PB Band (Red)...1.8 MHz - 6 MHz
SW Band (Blue)...6 MHz - 19 MHz
I.F.Freq....456 kHz

Power Source:
110...Volts AC

    The schematics and Information for this radio can be found at the Nostalgia Air web site by clicking on the link below.

Schematic & Information

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