"Skylark" Type M08 - 151
Skylark Radio Corporation
A Division of the
J. W. Whitlock Corporation
Rising Sun, Indiana USA

    The 1926 Skylark is almost identical to the 1925 Skylark except for a different style of cabinet and the dials on 1926 set are made of steel instead of brass.  A few other unique features of this radio are the two lever style filament controls and a main tuning knob on the side of the cabinet.  This knob is connected to a long shaft that connects to all three tuning condensers.  Each stage of tuning can be adjusted separately and when the knob on the side is turned, all three tuning condensers and dials will turn in unison.  At one point the Crosley Radio Corporation purchased the patent of this feature but never incorporated it in thier radios, opting for a single dial setup with two trimmers in thier 1926 line or radios.  Some of the other items that the J. W. Whitlock & Company produced were coin operated mechanical harps for Wurlitzer, arcade horse race games, Melody Phone victrolas, and various other products.  Rising Sun is a small Ohio River town, near Cincinnati, that has maintained many of it's original mid 19th century buildings.  I acquired this receiver, in 1990" from an Indianapolis collector in a trade with a 1928 Silver Marshall "Silver Cockaday" battery radio model 620.

Tube Line Up:
01A.....1st. R.F. Amplifier
01A.....2nd. R.F. Amplifier 01A.....Detector
01A.....1st Audio
01A or 12A.....Audio Output

Power Source:
Battery.......+6 Volts
.................+22.5 Volts
.................+90 Volts

Frequency Range:
BC...550 kHz to 1500 kHz

Height...10.5 inches
Width...24.5 inches
Depth...8.5 inches

    This instruction manual was mant to be folded and held underneath the lid by a metal clamp.  It's interesting that the instruction manual identifies the radio as a "Type No. 8" and the engravings on the radios chassis identifies the radio as a "Type M08-151"  The number 151 is probably the serial number.

    This 1926 console model is housed in the Ohio County Historical Museum located in downtown Rising Sun.  Because of the wideness of the cabinet and the location of the speaker, the main tuning knob is located to the right of the third tuning dial instead of the side of the cabinet.  The use of bakelite tuning knobs instead of metal tuning knobs indicate that this set is a fairly late model.  The wooden box with the glass top, which is located at the lower right corner, is a Darby (later called the Derby) arcade horse race game that the J. W. Whitlock & Company manufactured during the early 1930s.

    A very special thanks goes to Dana Wolf Hildebrand who supplied the two photographs of the Skylark console.  She is a resident of Rising Sun, and is a great granddaughter of J. W. Whitlock.  She is an active board member of the Ohio County Historical Museum and has spent many years researching and documenting the life and many accomplishments of her great grandfather, collimating into a book titled "Two Miles Ahead" which she has written and published.  You can visit her website at; http://www.boomspeed.com/gloria/two_miles_ahead.html.

    Help!  I would like to communicate with anybody that has a Skylark receiver or any information about the radio.  I'm looking for information on model variations, numbers made, sales literature, magazine write ups and serial numbers.  Any little bit of information will be appreciated.

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