Remler 29
Remler Division, Grey & Danielson Mfg. Co.,
260 First St.,
San Francisco, California, USA

    The Remler "29" was a superheterodyne, sold as a kit, whose design could have been considered transitional because it incorporated technology of both the old and new.  It used screen grid tubes mounted on an all metal chassis with sectioned shielding, all of which was the latest technology at that time and reflected the construction of radios in the upcoming 1930s.  Yet it's design also retained much of the older technology such as using triode tubes like the 01A, 112, and the 71.  The chassis layout was still of the traditional style, being more wide then deep, and having all of the tubes lined up in a straight row.  Tuning was still accomplished with a separate RF/Mixer tuning section and an Oscillator tuning section.  A variable regeneration circuit was also incorporated to give the radio added sensitivity.  The overall construction was superb, using only high quality components, many of which were manufactured by Remler.  The chassis is so nice looking, with all of the gold components mounted on a black chassis, that's it's almost a shame to hide it in a cabinet.  I acquired this receiver, in 1990, from a prominent Michigan antique radio collector.

Tube Line Up:
22...R. F. Amplifier
01A...1st. Detector / Mixer
01A...Heterodyne Oscillator
22...1st. I. F. Amplifier
22...2nd. I. F. Amplifier
22...3rd. I. F. Amplifier
01A...2nd. Detector
12...Audio Driver
71...Audio Output

Height...10.75 inches
Width...32 inches
Depth...15 inches

Frequency Range:
BC Band...550 kHz to 1500 kHz
I.F.Frequency....130 kHz

Factory location by Google Maps

Power Source:
Battery.....+6 Volts
Battery.....+67.5 Volts
Battery.....+90 Volts
Battery.....+135 Volts
Battery.....-4.5 Volts
Battery.....-22.5 Volts

    The schematic for this radio can be found at the Nostalgia Air web site by clicking on the link below.

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