Regency TR-1
Regency Division, I.D.E.A., Incorporated
7900 Pendleton Pike
Indianapolis, Indiana USA

    This Regency TR-1 is fitted with a clear case and was intended for demonstrational and promotional purposes only.  Each transistor is painted with a two color code scheme for easy identification.  This particular set is owned by Bret Phillips of Spartonburg, South Carolina, who believes, basing on reliable sources, that there were only two production, clear case, Regency TR-1 radios ever manufactured and both still exist today.  Regency also produced a few TR-1s who's cases featured standard colored fronts and clear backs.

Transistor Line Up:
X1...1st. Detector / Oscillator
X2...I.F. Amplifier
X3...I.F. Amplifier
1N60...2nd. Detector / AVC
X3...Audio Output

Power Source:
Battery...+22.5 Volts

Frequency Range:
BC Band ...550 kHz - 1600 kHz
I.F. Frequency...455 kHz

    You can visit Bret's website "Radio Expo" and learn more about his TR-1 and see the rest of his radio collection by clicking on the link below.

    A great source of information about the TR-1 can be found at the "TR-1's Golden Anniversary"  web site by clicking on the link below.

    Another good source to learn about the TR-1 is by visiting the "Regency TR-1 Transistor Radio History" web site by clicking on the link below.

    Here's the other, only known, production clear case Regency TR-1 radio to exist.  It's part of the Smithsonian Institutions collection.

    Here's a prototype of the Regency TR-1 which is housed in a clear case.  It's part of the Texas Instruments corporate archival collection.

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