Realistic "Mach One" Speakers
1976 - 1984
Radio Shack
Tandy Corporation
Fort Worth, Texas, USA

    The Realistic "Mach One" speaker was produced from 1976 to 1984, an impressive 8 year run.  An interesting feature, of this 160 watt speaker, is that it incorporates a horn tweeter and  midrange speaker, both of which are filled with ferro-fluid, to dissipate heat, and both have adjustment controls as part of the crossover circuit.  The 15 inch woofer is made of a very dense paper and the surround is made of a thick high quality foam which does not deteriorate over the years.  The price of the Mach One steadily rose from $199.50 each in 1976 to $239.95 each in 1984.  It was Radio Shack's flagship speaker until it was surpassed by the Optimus T-300 in 1984 which was offered at $259.95 each.  Both speakers were discontinued in 1985 and replaced by Radio Shack's new flagship speaker, the Realistic "Mach Two" which was offered at $219.95 each.
    Today the Mach One is considered to be classic and one of the best speakers ever offered by Radio Shack.  It's considered superior in sound and construction to that of the later Mach Two speaker.  Good examples of the Mach One show up on ebay from time to time.
    My two speakers were purchased from the west side Indy Goodwill Outlet Center, in the fall of 2008, and are currently hooked up to my Kenwood KR-9000G monster stereo receiver.

Height...27.9/16 inches
Width...17.3/4 inches
Depth...11.13/16 inches

1977 Radio Shack Catalog, P.18

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