Radio Corporation of America,
Camden, New Jersey USA

    The RCA AVR-5 was designed to be an airport general purpose receiver. Based on the RCA model 140, the AVR-5 has extra features such as variable sensitive, BFO, switchable AVC., and the ability to tune in the LW band. The set is housed in a two tone grey painted wooden cabinet with a grey metallic speaker grill. All of the knobs are of the same style that were used in the 1934 model 140 except they are black while the 140 had brown knobs. The control labels are made of aluminum in which the surfaces are coated with a protective clear lacquer coating. The AVR-5 is considered to be very rare.
    I bought this receiver off of Ebay in June of 2016.

Tube Line Up:
58...1st. R.F. Amplifier
58...2nd. R.F. Amplifier
2A7...1st. Detector / Oscillator
58...I.F. Amplifier
2B7...2nd. Detector / AVC
56...1st Audio
53...PP Audio Output

Height...21.75 inches
Width...15.5 inches

Depth...11.75 inches

Frequency Range:
LW Band "X"...150 - 410 kHz
BC Band "A"...540 - 1500 kHz
P Band "B"...1.5 - 3.9 MHz
SW1 Band "C"...3.9 - 10 MHz
SW2 Band "D"...8 - 18 MHz
I.F. Frequency...445 kHz

Power Source:
AC...110 Volts

Schematic & Information

    Back side view showing the chassis. The BFO oscillator assembly is located above the tubes on the left side of the chassis. The 56 tube for the oscillator is located on the oppiside side of the can enclosed coil. Unlike the RCA 140, which has it's IF transformers housed inside it's the chassis, the IF transformers of the AVR-5 are mounted outside on top of the chassis.The sides of the cabinet are a little thicker and more ridgetly put together then that of the RCA 140.

The dial is white instead of tan and when illuminated, it has a light peach colored glow to it.

Aero Magazine, April 1935, P. 7

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