RCA 103 Speaker
Radio Corporation of America,
Camdon, New Jersey

    The RCA 103 speaker has become a very collectable speaker over the years but finding one in very good condition can be a real challenge.  The condition of a 103 speaker today is mainly determined on how well it has been treated and stored over the years.  Usually when a speaker is found, it's composition wood frame and base will tend to be warped and cracked.  The front tapestry cloth usually has turned a tan color because of exposure to light and the other elements and the colors in the floral design tend to be faded.  The most delicate part of the speaker is the tissue paper thin dust cloth on the back which is usually found seriously torn or completely missing.  This speaker is one of two RCA 103s in my collection.  I acquired this speaker in 1994 at the Spring IHRS swap meet at Kokomo, Indiana.

Hight...15 inches
Width...13.5 inches
Depth...7 inches

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