Quali-Tone Loop Antenna
Duro Metal Products Co.,
2657 N. Kildare Ave.,
Chicago, Illinois, USA

The Quali-Tone collaspable loop antenna is made of walnut and nickel plated metal finishings. The wire spacers are made of bakelite designed to hold  a total of 12 windings of litz wire to be held in place.  There are three long flexable leads, two are perminantly connected while the center tap lead can be disconnected if it's not needed.
    I purchased this antenna from an Ebay sale back in November of 2010.  After the seller failed to sell this antenna, along with three others, for one lump sum, I contacted him and offered to just buy this one. He agreed to sell it.

Dementions when open:
Hight...34 inches
Wedth...16 inches
Depth...3 inches

Dementions when closed:
Hight...14 inches
Wedth...6.5 inches
Depth...3 inches

Factory site via Google Maps

Quali-Tone packing box.

Base with ID logo.

Advertising brochure.

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