Pye P 445U
Pye Radio Ltd.,
Cambridge, England

    The Pye P 445U is quite a performer for only having five tubes.  The basic frequency coverage is from 158 kHz to 9.68 MHz and then extends further in five bandspread increments up to 22.7 MHz.  There are no RF stages in this model but it does perform as though it did, making this set a great DXer.  This is an AC-DC powered radio with a couple of very large, high wattage, voltage divider resistors in its power supply.  These resistors tend to give off a rather obnoxious odor when the set is first turned on but goes away soon after the radio has been on for a couple of minuets.  I bought this radio because of the great 1960s styling it had without looking very gaudy or ugly.  The colorful dial, which Pye radios are famous for, really adds to the overall looks of the set.  The only bad thing about this radio is that all of the adjustable ferrite cores in the various oscillator and mixer coils are glued in place, preventing any kind of recalabration.  This is the only 1960s radio that I have in my collection and I acquired it from an IHRS member who lives in, I believe, Jeffersonville, Indiana.

Tube Line Up:
UCH42...Mixer / Oscillator
UF41...I.F. Amplifier
UBC41...2nd. Detector / AVC / 1st. Audio
UL41...Audio Output

Frequency Ranges:
LW Band (Blue)...158 kHz - 300 kHz
MW Band (Red)...545 kHz - 1500 kHz
S1 Band (Green)...1.580 MHz - 4.3 MHz
S2 Band (Yellow)...4.69 MHz - 9.68 MHz
31M Bandspread (Red)...9.2 MHz - 10.1 MHz
25M Bandspread (Green)...11.3 MHz - 12.4 MHz
19M Bandspread (Red)...14.6 MHz - 16.0
16M Bandspread (Blue)...12.0 MHz - 18.7 MHz
13M Bandspread (Red)...20.5 MHz - 22.7 MHz
I.F. Frequency...?

Height...11 inches
Width...17.5 inches
Depth...8 inches

Power Source:
AC...100 to 125 Volts
AC...200 to 220 Volts
AC...225 to 250 Volts

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