Philco 620F & 650PX Prototype Cabinets
Philco Radio & Television Corp.,
Tioga & C Street,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Model: 620F

Measurements: 620F
Height...9.5 inches
Width...5.75 inches
Depth...2.75 inches

Model: 650PX

Measurements: 650PX
Height...10.5 inches
Width...6.5 inches
Depth...4 inches

    These two cabinets are small scale mock ups that were produced by the model department of the Philco Radio Corporation during the mid 1930s. Both designs eventually went n to become part of  Philco's product line. These cabinets were originally part of a unique collection that went up for auction, on ebay, during October and November of 2004.

    The following article is a write up on this unique collection and was featured in Radio Age, August 1993, Vol. 18, No. 8.

Philco's Model Shop
By Don Patterson

John C. Hampton is an interesting person by virtue of the fact that he was involved in the design and production of radio cabinets.
    He was born in 1900 and his first job  in the radio business was with RCA sometime in the late 20s and early 30s.  Some of his notes while with RCA indicate he was involved with cabinet construction.
    He left RCA in 1934 to join the Philco organization at "C" and Tioga Streets in Philadelphia where he was employed as a draftsman at the model shop.  The model shop employed some interesting draftsmen, who's job was to draw up an artiest conception of a new cabinet  and produce a 1/4 scale model using the solid woods and veneers to simulate a proposed production cabinet.  Recently, fourteen of these cabinets were revealed to me by James Hampton, the son of John Hampton.
    These models were presented to a selection team composed of executives, marketing and sales people, whereupon they would select the next year's line.  Once selected, engineering drawings were developed for production by several companies.
According to the accompanying notes of John Hampton, cabinets were made by the following companies whose plants were identified by numbers:

    15. Watsontown
    16. Mengel Body Company
    17. Smith Cabinet Company
    18. Wobash Cabinet Company
    19. Maddox Table Company
    20. H.A.Prock Lumber Company
    21. Pennsylvania Furniture Company
    22. Red Lion Cabinet Company

    As you know, from 1937 on, Philco began the model number with the year followed by the cabinet style.  His notes show some production of cabinets by cabinet number.
    Towards the end of his career with Philco, he was in charge of drafting designs, cabinet engineering, hardware purchasing, and lumber purchasing.  In 1944 he left Philco to go to work for the Red Lyon Cabinet Company as production manager where he stayed until his retirement in the 1960s.  John passed away in 1976, but his son also joined with Red Lion Cabinet Company in cabinet production.

Model: 650PX
No: 10190 A
1/4" to the inch scale

1/4" to the inch scale

Three Philco draftsmen at work.  John C.Hampton is the gentleman standing.

    John C. Hampton's Philco business card.

The entire collection from the Hampton estate.

Below are some of the other cabinets that were sold off on ebay and found their ways into various collections. These pictures were taken from the ebay auctions.

Unknown, similar to 116X


Speaker Cabinet used with all "LZX", 1932-1933 sets and "RX" models.




32L, 386L, 28L, 45L, 66L, 89L, (1935)

This cabinet model didn't make it to production. 16 chassis.

16RX remote control chair side unit.

Uknown model speaker cabinet.

A special thanks goes to Don Patterson of Augusta, Georgia who allowed me to use his article and photos that was published in the August 1993 issue of the Radio Age magazine.

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