Pepsi Advertising Clock
Manufactured by
Dualite Displays Inc.
Cincinnati, Ohio USA

    This clock comprises of a front facade, which is molded out of a single piece of durable plastic and contains the lights and clock mechanism, and a metal back.  The front and back are connected by means of a hinge for ease of access to the lights and general maintenance of the clock while it is still hanging from a wall.  The glass crystal is mounted over the front face by means of an aluminum bracket.  Illumination is by means of two 15 watt light bulbs.  Over the years, many of these types of Dualite clocks have been damaged by people installing higher wattage light bulbs resulting in serious permanent damage to the clock's plastic faces.  I purchased this clock in 2000 from the Antiques &  More antique shop located on Shadeland Ave., Indianapolis, Indiana.

Diameter...17 inches
Depth...5 inches

2 x 15 watt light bulbs.

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