Orchestrion Deluxe Loud Speaker
The Radio Cabinet Company,
2123 Onley Street,
Indianapolis, Indiana USA

    The Orchestrion Deluxe loud speaker was made of wood and paper mache.  Two versions were made.  The 1925 version enables the bell of the horn to screw on to the neck and a decorative grill insert is mounted at this point of attachment.  The base of the speaker, which houses the driver unit, bows out like a bell.  The 1926 version lacks the grill insert and the bell of the horn is permanently attached to the neck.  The base of the speaker, which houses the driver unit, curves inward like the end of a trumpet.  Today the Orchestrion Deluxe loud speaker is one of the most famous and sought after American made horn speakers.

    This free standing window display was manufactured by Kalasign Company of America, Kalamazoo, Michigan.  The colors were silk screened on to heavy gauge solid cardboard.  The design and sales of the sign was by the Benham-Pray Company, 211-215 Castle Hall Building, Indianapolis, Indiana.  I acquired this, at the 1992 IHRS meet in Kokomo, Indiana, in a trade with a 1946 Kitchenair glass and metal radio.

Sign Dementions:
Height..19.5 Inches
Width..14.25 Inches

Click here to view, by means of TerraServer, the location of the factory site.  The factory is to the left of the red dot.

    This is what the factory site looks like today which has changed very little over the 70+ years.  The front of the building was known as 2118 North Gale while the back of the building was known as 2123 North Onley.  Orchestrion used both addresses as mailing addresses.

    1925 Indianapolis City Directory

    Radio Cabinet Co, C. A. James Mfgr.  Manufacturers of the Famous Orchestrien Line of Radio Loud Speakers in Various Models Nationally Dristrubited and Advertised.  2118 North Gale, Phone Webster 6669

    This is the top cover of a box which once housed a replacement Utah driver element.

Community Radio Reception Planned

    This huge radio speaker shown in the photograph will be used to entertain the neighbors of A. J. Allen, 3530 Salem street, for squares around on Christmas eve, when Yuletide music and appropriate holiday programs will be broadcast from WFBM and other stations throughout the country.  Mr. Allen uses a twelve-tube home-build superheterodyne and plans to place the big horn out in the open on other nights also during holiday week.
    This is the largest all wood loud speaker in the world and was made by the designer, Frank Bremmerman, who is one of the owners of the Radio Cabinet Company, an Indianapolis firm which manufacturers the Bremmerman Orchestrion De Luxe radio horn.  Mr. Bremmerman is an expert acoustician and for several years manufactured stringed musical instruments for several of the largest musical instrument factories in the United States, including Wurlitzer of Cincinnati. 
    This mammoth loud speaker, which cost about $500 to build and was especially made for exhibition at the Indianapolis radio show and for use of the Broadcast Listeners Association on special occasions, has a clear, mellow tone and is perfectly balanced with correct acoustics for volume and tone quality.
    The speaker weighs about forty pounds and stands five and one-half feet high.  The base is of solid mahogany twenty inches in diameter, and it has twenty-four ribs of alternate mahogany and walnut.  Eight hundred feet of verneer were used in the construction of the lamented goose neck, which process gives the Orchestrion De Luxe its tone quality.  The bell of the big horn measures thirty-six inches from edge to edge on its outer circumference, and the throat opening of the tone arm chamber is ten inches across.
    Mr. Allen thinks that in the absence of heavy traffic noises in his neighborhood, the delightful programs to be broadcast through this horn during Christmas week should be heard at least half a mile or more away.

The Indianapolis Star
December 1925

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