Okay Grand Dependable 5
Model R F 1
Okay Radio Corporation
22 1/2 West National Avenue,
Brazil, Indiana USA

    The Okay Grand Dependable 5 was the only radio known to have been manufactured in Brazil, Indiana.  I found this radio, in 1986, in a tool shed, on a farm, just north of Brownsburg, Indiana.

Tube Line Up:
01A...1st R.F. Amplifier 01A...2nd. R. F. Amplifier
01A...1st Audio
01A or 12A ...Audio Output

Power Source:
Battery    +6 Volts
                +45 Volts
                +90 Volts
                -3 Volts

Frequency Range:
BC Band...550 kHz to 1500 kHz

Height...10.75 inches
Width...20.75 inches
Depth...9.75 inches

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