Moore Original  "Radio Demon"  Type Y
Electric Service Products Company,
Exclusive Distributors,
214 W. Madison Street,
10 S. Wells Street,
Chicago, Illinois, USA

    The origin of this radio is best stated on the bottom paragraph of the lid label, "Radio Demon" is a product of the "Chicago Daily News" Radio Laboratory as per their Radio Editions of February 3rd, 10th, March 10th, and August 14th, 1923."  The Electric Service Products Company manufactured this radio and other radios that were published in the Chicago Daily News newspaper and they were the exclusive dealership these radios.  The manufacturer incorporated many high quality components, most of which were Nickel plated, and were mounted on a highly polished aluminum chassis.  I purchased this radio at the Lawson Auction Gallery of Danville, Indiana on March 9, 2002, where they were auctioning off the radio collection of William H. Huntley.  William originally purchased this radio, in 1975, from the Stilesville Auction House of Stilsville, Indiana for $35.00.

Tube Line Up:
UV-201A / 200A...Detector / Regenerator
UV-201A...1st. Audio
UV-201A...Audio Output

Height...7.5 inches
Width...18.75 inches
Depth...6.75 inches

Frequency Range:
375 kHz to 3000 kHz

Power Source:
Battery...+6 Volts
              +22 Volts
              +90 Volts

Click here to view, by means of TerraServer, the location of the Electric Service Products Company store that manufactured and distributed the Moore Original Radio Demon line of radios.  Both addresses shown at the top of the page point to the same location.

Radio News, February 1925
Page 1458

Radio Demon Type C regenerative receiver.  From the collection Dick Bury of Gurnee, Illinois.

    This cover is to the assembly manual  for the Radio Demon  Type "E" two stage amplifier. According to the "Assemblies" page which is the second to the last page in this booklet, there were four models offered during the 1923 season.  The Radio Demon Type C one tube regenerative receiver which retailed for $32.50,  the Radio Demon Type D one stage amplifier which retailed for $19.50, the Radio Demon Type E two stage amplifier which retailed for  $35.00, and the Radio Demon Type Y three tube regenerative radio receiver which retailed for $70.00.


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Electric Service Products Co.
214 W. Madison St. - 10 S. Wells St.

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