Midwest  17-39
Midwest Radio Corporation,
909 - 911 Broadway,
Cincinnati, Ohio USA

    The Midwest 17-39 is a 17 tube, five band radio which features motorized push button tuning and and uses AFC during push button mode. This is the only Midwest model that features a multi colored, side lit, glass dial.  Manual tuning is added by a small window which states "Tuning" and is located just below the dial. The window is back lit and dims when a strong station is tuned in. This model features a full range 12 inch speaker and a 4 inch tweeter which is powered by push pull  6CA5 tubes. This is one of the rarer models of Midwest radios to find.
    I purchased this receiver, in April 2012, from Bob Poteet of Greenwood, Indiana.

Tube Line Up:
6K7G...R.F. Amplifier
6K7G...1st. I.F. Amplifier
6K7G...2nd. I.F. Amplifier
6H6G...2nd. Detector / AVC
6P5G x 2...Audio Drivers
6CA5G x 4 PP/Parrell Audio Output
6P5G...AVC Rectifier
6P5G...Tun-A-Lite Driver
80 x 2...Rectifiers

Frequency Ranges:
LW Band "E" (Red)...125 kHz - 350 kHz
BC Band "A" (White)...550 kHz - 1500 kHz
SW Band "B" (Blue)...1.5 MHz - 4.2 MHz
SW Band "C" (Green)...4.2 MHz - 12 MHz
SW Band "D" (Yellow)...12 MHz - 30 MHz
I.F. Frequency...465 kHz

Power Source:
AC...110 Volts

Height...43.5 inches
Width...25 inches
Depth...12.5 inches

Schematic and information

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