Mengel Type M. R. 101
The Mengel Co. Inc.
Sales Office
200 Fifth Avenue, New York City
Louisville, Jersey City, Saint Louis

    The Mengel Type M. R. 101 is a very nicely built crystal receiver which was designed to fit tightly into a small Walnut case.  Earlier versions used a flexable wire for the tickler and the later models used a more ridged armature for the tickler.  This radio was also marketed as the Shamrock Radiophone "Crystal" Model A by Shamrock Radiophone Sales Corp. and as the Diamond by United Metal Stamping & Radio Co., Cincinnati, Ohio.  I acquired this radio from the Ray Wood estate auction which was conducted on October 7, 2006 in Anderson, Indiana.

Height...1.75 inches (case closed)
Width...6 inches
Depth...4 inches

    The tuning coil consists of three, equal sized, sections.  Two sections of the coil are stationary while the third (center) section is moveable.  This center coil is mounted on a cardboard plate which is attached to the tuning knob and tuning is achieved by rotating the cardboard plate from one coil to the other coil.

Instruction Manual
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Instruction Manual
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Instruction Manual
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