Lyradion Manufacturing Co.,
Plant 5, Dodge Manufactoring Co.,
550 Union St.,
Mishawaka, Indiana, USA

  The Lyradion Manufacturing Company is credited with being the first American company to market a radio/phonograph combination back in 1922 called the Lyradion. They also manufactured and marketed thier own line of radios, also called Lyradion. Most of these radios were 5 tube regenerative sets that used loop antennas. This model is the only portable set that they made and is possibly one of the last models that they made.
    I acquired this radio, along with a Norden Hauck Super 10, from an antique radio collector in Lafayette, Indiana, in trade for a Triplett 3444 tube tester. This Lyradion was once owned by  the late James A. Fred (Jim) from Cutler, Indiana. Jim was a seasoned radio collector, editor and publisher of his own monthly publication "Antique Radio Topics" which was in national circulation during the early 1970s, authored the column  "Antique Radio Corner" in the Elementary Electronics magazine during the 1970s, one of the founding members of the IHRS and publisher of the IHRS bulletin during the 1990s.

Tube Line Up:
UV-199.....RF Amplifier
UV-199.....RF Amplifier
UV-199.....RF Amplifier
UV-199.....1st. Audio Amplifier
UV-199.....2nd. Audio Amplifier

Height...19.5 inches
Width...16.5 inches
Depth...10 inches

Power Source:
Battery  +3 Volts
Battery  +45 Volts
Battery  +90 Volts
Battery  -4.5 Volts

Frequency Range:
BC...550 kHz to 1500 kHz

The front of the Lyradion closed up.

Back of the Lyradion opened. There is a removable panel which conceals the receiver's chassis.

Chassis of the Lyradion. A very neatly laid out and simple circuit.

Front panel of the Lyradion. The left knob is the tuner, the middle knob is the filiment control, and the right knob is the regenerative control. This set is fitted with an arial post to receive better reception and a headphone jack for the usage of headphones.

Battery hookup and operational instructions.

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