"Live Better Electrically" Advertising Clock
Manufactured by
Advertising Products Inc.
Cincinnati, Ohio USA

    This clock is the result a campaign that was started in 1956 by the General Electric Company and endorsed by power utilities and electrical manufacturers across the nation to produce public awareness and the desire for the usage of electricity.  The theme was "Live Better Electrically" and it was a campaign to push the usage of electricity in the home and Ronald Reagan was the official spokesman.  General electric produced a series of educational films about the history of electricity, it's usage and what the future had in store for electricity in industry, health and general quality of life.  One of the most  ambitious aspects of  the campaign was the certification of newly built homes called "Gold Medallion Homes".  To qualify as a "Gold Medallion Home" each house had to be completely electrified which included all electric appliances and electric heating.  Each home that meet this qualification received a plaque or Medallion that could be mounted somewhere in the home, usually mounted on a garage wall or out in the front near the front doorway.  From 1957 to 1970, some 1,000,000+ homes were certified as Medallion homes and today many of these homes can still be found with their Medallions still hanging proudly on some wall.
    I acquired this clock, in the summer of 2000, from a small antique/junk shop in Marion, Indiana.

Diameter...15.25 inches
Depth...4 inches

2 x 15 watt light bulbs.

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