Liberty Sr.
Parker Radio Company,
119 East Liberty Street,
Cincinnati, Ohio USA

    The Parker Radio Company was formed as a partnership between Thomas J. Parker and Richard Q. Cogar. The company produced only two models, the Liberty Jr. (Freedom of the Air) crystal receiver and the Liberty Sr. single tube regenerative receiver. Both models were housed in aluminum cases that resembled the table top microphones that were used in the broadcast industry at that time. The company was in business from 1924 until they filed for bankruptcy in 1926. The last known address for the company was 76 East McMlckcn avenue. The bankruptcy case was closed on January 5, 1928.
    The Liberty Sr. has two pairs of connecting posts on either side of the case. The left pair are for the antenna, ground, and headphone connections. The right pair are used for the A and B battery hookups. The UV-199 tube is housed in a hole just above the tuning dial. Reception is only good enough to pick up local radio stations.
    I acquired this radio off of Bay in April of 2018.

Tube Line Up:

Power Source:
A Battery...+3 Volts
B Battery...+45 Volts

Height...8 1/2 inches
Width...6 7/8 inches
Depth...6 7/8 inches

Frequency Range:
BC...550 kHz to 1500 kHz

    The filament control controls both the tube's filament and regeneration. The radio is set up as a reflex circuit where the coil acts as both an RF antenna coil and an audio regeneration coil.

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