Leutz "Transoceanic" Phantom
C. R. Leutz Inc.,
Sixth and Washington Avenues,
Long Island City, New York, USA

    This 1928 Leutz Screen Grid Transoceanic was an upgrade of the 1927 Transoceanic with the significant difference being that the newer UX-222 screen grid tubes were incorporated in the RF sections, replacing the lower gain UX-201A tubes that the 1927 Transoceanic used. This receiver was originally part of the Dick Bury collection which was sold off by Estes Auctions back in September 2007.

Tube Line Up:
22.....1st. RF Amplifier
22.....2nd. RF Amplifier
22.....3rd. RF Amplifier
22.....4th. RF Amplifier
01A or 00A.....2nd. Detector
01A or 40.....1st Audio
01A or 40.....2nd. Audio
71A x 2, 10 x 2, 50 x 2.....Push Pull Audio Output

Power Source Set up for 71A output::
Battery  A.....+6 Volts
              B.....+22.5 Volts
              B.....+45 Volts
              B.....+90 Volts
              B.....+135 Volts
              C.....-4.5 Volts
              C.....-22.5 Volts

Frequency Range:
BC...550 kHz to 1500 kHz

Schematic and information

Height.....8 inches
Width.....27 inches
Depth.....13.5 inches

Top view of the left side of the chassis.

Top view of the right side of the chassis.

  This is what the the inside of the B+ power supply looks like. The multi tap resistor is not original and since I took this photo, I have rebuilt the power supply to original factory specs and design. At some point I'll replace this photo with a photo of the restored power supply.

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    The Leutz A current supply is actually a rebranded "Silver Beauty" A power supply which was manufactured by the Triple-A-Specialty Company, 312-316 South Hamilton Ave., Chicago, Illinois.

  Front and back sides of the Leutz Transoceanic sales flier.

Golden Leutz; New Models For 1927
Page 5

    This is a catalog photo of the Leutz factory building as it looked during the time the "Transoceanic" Phantom was being produced. The building has gone through extensive remodeling, over the years, and today it houses the Baccalaureate School for Global Education. It's current address is 34-12 36th Ave, Astoria, NY 11106.

View of Leutz factory via Google

Leutz factory location via Google Maps

Gravesite of Charles R. Leutz

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