Kenwood KD-9000G
Kenwood Electronics Corp.
1315 E. Watsoncenter Rd.,
Carson, California 90745, USA

    The Kenwood KR-9000G is the European version of the Kenwood 9G, which was sold in the USA, and was the next model down from the tip of the line model, the Kenwood KR-11000G.  At 125 watts per channel and because of it's large size, the KR-9000G is usually referred to as a monster receiver.  Many KR-9000Gs were brought over to the USA by US servicemen who were stationed in Europe and purchased these receivers at army base PX centers. Kenwood's headquarters were in the USA but the production facilities were in Japan.

Height...24.5 inches
Width...17.25 inches
Depth...10.5 inches

Power Source:
AC...120 /220/240 Volts

Frequency Ranges:
AM Band...540 kHz - 1600 kHz
FM Band...88 MHz - 108 MHz

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