Grunow 572
General Household Utilities Company
2680 N. Pulaski Road
Chicago, Illinois U.S.A.

    The 572 is probibly one of the more stylish and streamlined models that was ever offered by Grunow.  I aquired this set at the 2004 ARCI "Radiofest" which was held in Elgin, Illinois.

Tube Line Up:
6A8M...1st. Detector / Oscillator
6K7M...I.F. Amplifier
6Q7M...2nd. Detector / AVC / Audio Driver
6F6M...Audio Output

Height...18.25 inches
Width...12.25 inches
Depth...11.50 inches

Frequency Ranges:
BC Band ...550 kHz - 1800 kHz
P Band ...1.7 MHz - 6 MHz
SW Band ...6 MHz - 18 MHz
I.F. Frequency...465 kHz

Power Source:
AC...110 Volts

    The Grunow 572 dial consists of two layers. The top portion consists of a clear celluloid layer with the dial scales printed on it. The bottom portion is made of glass with a Green and White background printed on it. Illumination is accomplished with two dial lights mounted on opposite sides of the dial, and when lit, the dial gives off a soft white illumanicance similar to that of a fluorescent lighted clock.

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