General Electric J-100
General Electric Company,
Bridgeport, Connecticut USA

    The J-100 was General Electric's top of the line table model radio for 1933.  This radio was actually manufactured by RCA-Victor which manufactured it's own version as the R-74.  The construction of the chassis is much like that of how Majestic (Grisby-Grunow) built their radio chassis, like a tank, using thick gauge steel and heavy duty electronic components.  The J-100 was essentially a 10 tube console radio chassis housed in an elaborate cathedral cabinet and the whole set weighed in at a hefty 44 pounds.  An unusual feature about this radio is that the volume control works through, and is part of, the AVC circuit as compared to most radios with AVC where the volume control functions separately from that of the AVC circuit.
    I purchased this set, in May of 2000, at the IHRS Spring swap meet which was held in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Electronic restoration was difficult because of the extreme crampness of the chassis and the way components were mounted, overlapping each other, inside of the chassis.

Tube Line Up:
58...R.F. Amplifier
58...1st. Detector
56...Heterodyne Oscillator
58...I.F. Amplifier
56...2nd. Detector
56...1st Audio
46 x 2...Push - Pull Audio Output

Frequency Range:
BC Band...550 kHz to 1500 kHz
I.F.Frequency...175 kHz

Power Source:
AC...105 - 125v

Height...20.25 inches
Width...15 inches
Depth...11.25 inches

Schematic and information (R.C.A. R74)

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