Elgin "Super-Reinartz"
Elgin Radio Supply Company
207 E. Chicago Street,
Elgin, Illinois, USA

    This radio was originally sold in kit form (knockdown) and required no soldering in it's construction.  All of the components feature clip connectors for easy wiring into the circuit.  There are no filiment controls, only a single fixed resistor incorporated in the filiment line so that all of the tubes would continuously run on five volts when the set was hooked up to a six volt filliment supply.  Volume is regulated by the regeneration contril located to the left of the tuning dial.  A tap switch, located directly below the tuning dial, is used for adjusting the tunung circuit for sensitivity and selectivity which varys greatly when tuning in strong local stations or weak distant stations.  The 1926 model, shown above, is the latest version of a line of sets that had been offered by the company since 1924.  This set, and the previous year models shown below, are all based on a standard design that the company improved upon each year.  I acquired this Elgin, in November of 2005, from fellow collector Ed Bell after his ebay auction for this set didn't meet it's reserve.

Tube Line Up:
01A or 00A...Detector / Regenerator
01A...1st. Audio
01A or 12A...Audio Output

Hight...21 inches
Wedth...17 inches
Depth...8 inches

Power Source:
Battery...+6 Volts
Battery...+90 Volts
Battery...-4.5 Volts

Frequency Range:
550 kHz to 1500 kHz

Radio News, March 1925
Vol. 6, No. 9
Page 1758

Radio News, November 1925
Vol. 7, No. 5
Page 726

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