E. H. Scott "World's Record Super 10"
Scott Transformer Company,
7620 N. Eastlake Terrace,
Chicago, Illinois, USA

    The "World's Record Super 10" superheterodyne radio used Scott's newest version of the "Selectone" R.F. and I.F. coil inclosures which were designed exclusively for mounting on a bakelite chassis.  It was also Scotts first set to use two R.F. stages and a high power output tube such as the 10.  The only other time Scott would incorporate two R.F. stages would be in the Philharmonics and the Special Communications receiver.  This receiver works beautifully, receiving a station at almost every 10 kc throughout the entire dial.  It also has the volume and warm sound typical of a large 1930s table model radio.  This set is one of two known to exist in Indiana and one of around a dozen known to exist in the USA.  I acquired this set from a Cleveland area radio collector in 1994 whom I met at an auction in Alexandra, Indiana earlier that year.

Tube Line Up:
01A...1st. R.F. Amplifier
01A...2nd. R.F. Amplifier
01A...1st. Detector / Mixer
01A...Heterodyne Oscillator
01A...1st. I.F. Amplifier
01A...2nd. I.F. Amplifier
01A...3rd. I.F. Amplifier
01A...2nd. Detector
12A...Audio Driver
71A or 10...Audio Output

Frequency Range:
BC...550 Khz to 1500 Khz

Power Source:
Battery    +6 Volts         
              +45 Volts
              +90 Volts
              +135 Volts
              +425  Volts
              -3 Volts
              -4.5 Volts

AC          7.5 Volts

Dementions: Chassis
Hight...7 inches
Wedth...26 inches
Depth...7 inches

    The schematics and Information for this radio can be found in the Rider manual Vol. I, Scott page 1.  You can also view the schematics and information, of this radio, at the Nostalgia Air web site by clicking on the links below.

Click here to view, by means of TarraServer, the 1927 Scott factory location.


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