E. H. Scott "Worlds Record Shield Grid 9"
Scott Transformer Company,
4448 Ravenswood Avenue,
Chicago, Illinois, USA

    There were two versions of this superheterodyne radio made, the 9 which had a 8 tube chassis and a three tube power supply/amplifier and the 9B which had 9 tubes on the chassis and no power supply/amplifier.  The 9 and 9B consisted of various lacquered finished copper boxes, housing the coils, audio transformer and the I.F. section with tubes, mounted on a Bakelite chassis that was either black or grey in color.  The R.F./OSC. section is tuned separately from the oscillator section.  This was Scott's first radio to use the new screen grid tubes (UX-222) that had just come out earlier that year.  I acquired this set in 1990 from a Washington State audio enthusiast in a trade for a Counterpoint D90 amplifier.

Tube Line Up:
01A...R.F. Amplifier
01A...1st. Detector / Mixer
22...1st. I.F. Amplifier
22...2nd. I.F. Amplifier
22...3rd. I.F. Amplifier
01A...2nd. Detector
12A...Audio Driver
50...Audio Output (Located on seperate power supply / amplifier)
81 x 2...Rect. (Located on seperate power supply / amplifier)

Hight...7 inches
Wedth...26 inches
Depth...7 inches

Frequency Range:
BC...550 Khz to 1500 Khz

    The schematic for this radio can be found at the Nostalgia Air web site by clicking on the link below.

Power Source:
Battery    +6 Volts
              +90 Volts
              +135 Volts
              -4.5 Volts
              -7.5 Volts


    Click here to view, by means of TerraServer, the location of the Scott factory.

Guarantee tag with serial nimber 331.

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