Radio Products Incorporated,
15 th to 16 th Streets, North at F.,
Richmond, Indiana USA

    The Dis-Ton B+ battery eliminator is constricted of a metal case with a wooden top and base.  The top can be slid open to gain access ti the components inside.  The rectifier tube is a cold cathode type rectifier and the filter caps and chokes are hermetically sealed in tar with the company seal stamped on the tar.  The front panel contains two knobs, the upper knob controls the +45 volt output and the larger lower knob controls the AC input.  The rear panel consists of three upper posts for connecting the +90 and +45 volt lines to the radio, and the lower two posts are for connecting the AC cord (a primitive and dangerous feature).  Fellow collector Robert Shuck acquired this unit for me at the Lionel Haid collection auction that was held in Richmond, Indiana in 1999.

Hight...6.5 inches
Wedth...4.3 inches
Depth...10.5 inches

Power Supply:
...+45 Volts

Tube Line Up:

Introductory letterhead flier for prospective dealers.

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