Crystal Radio
Mid 1920s

    This is a brand name crystal radio but unfortunately I don't know what the name of it is or the manufacturer.  The bottom of the cabinet is lined with felt and there is a circular cut out in the center of the felt lining where the identification label is supposed to be but it's missing.  On the top of the lid is a small brass label for custom engravings.  The overall construction is very professional.  The circuit consists of a cylindrical coil that has 17 taps with each tap labeled with a letter.  One interesting note about this radio is that the phone posts are each labeled with the letter "F" for "Fones" instead of normal "P" for "Phones".  I purchased this radio at the 2002 IHRS fall radio swap meet at Greenfield, Indiana.

Hight...5.75 inches
Width...5.5 inches
Depth...5.5 inches

Wanted;  I would like to talk to anybody who has any information on this crystal radio or own a similar set.

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