Late 1940s
Manufacturer Unknown

    I don't usually collect portable radios but I've made this set an acceptation.  The styling of this radio harkens more to that of the 1930s then it does of the time period that it was made.  The front panel is made of aluminum and the cabinet is constructed of plywood which is covered in imitation leather.  The upper portion of the radio consists of a four tube chassis and the loop antenna is incased in the walls of the cabinet. The bottom portion of the cabinet contains the speaker and space for the A and B batteries.  I purchased this radio, in May 2004, at the IHRS/AWA 33rd Annual Regional Swap Meet, which was held at the Johanning Civic Center, Kokomo, Indiana.

Tube Line Up:
1R5...1st. Detector / Oscillator
1U4...I.F. Amplifier
1U5...2nd. Detector / AVC
3Q4...Audio Output

Frequency Ranges:
BC Band ...540 kHz - 1600 kHz
I.F. Frequency...465 kHz

Height...7.40 inches
Width...4.75 inches
Depth...3.75 inches

Power Source:
Battery...+3 Volts
..............+67.5 Volts

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