Crosley 516
Crosley Radio Corporation,
1329 Arlington Street,
Cincinnati, Ohio USA

    This radio was the lowest model of Crosley's 1936 radio lineup, yet it was possibly the most stylish set Crosley offered for that year.  The set was offered with either a gold background dial or a black background dial and two styles of cabinet was offered. One style is represented by the picture above and other was simpler in style.  Only one radio station call letter can be found on the glass dial, WLW, which was Crosley's own radio station located at 700 kHz on the AM dial and the center of the dial features WLW's Blaw-Knox radio tower.  Performance is fair but tuning can be a bit of a challenge.  There's no R. F. stage, no AVC and the volume is controlled by adjusting the sets sensitivity.  Control of the set's volume exists within a small portion of the volume/sensitivity control's entire range.  In 2001, I purchased this radio from an Ebay auction but picked it up at Anderson, Indiana.

Tube Line Up:
6D6...1st. Detector / Oscillator
6D6...I.F. Amplifier
76...2nd. Detector
6B5...Audio Output

Power Source:
AC...110 Volts

Frequency Range:
BC Band...550 kHz - 1500 kHz
P Band...1.6 MHz - 3.5 MHz
I.F. Frequency...450 kHz

Height...10.75 inches
Width...10.75 inches
Depth...7.5 inches

Schematic and information.

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