Cardinola 2N
Cardinola Radio Corporation,
339 North Capitol Avenue, Third Floor,
Indianapolis, Indiana USA

    The  Cardinola Radio Corp. was a short lived company, only lasting from 1925 to 1926.  During 1925, Cardinola produced a standard three dial table model and console model TRF radio receiver called the Cardinola.  In 1926 the company produced the models 1N and 2N.  Both radios had the same chassis but differed in that the 2N had a built in speaker and battery compartments while the 1N lacked these, having only a basic box style cabinet.  The factory site which was located a block north of the Greyhound bus terminal in downtown Indianapolis has long been torn down to make way for a parking lot.  The company may have manufactured a console version but no examples have been found.  The factory building was a standard turn-of-the-century business front building.  I purchased this set at the 1994 "Radiofest" antique radio show at Elgin, Illinois.

Tube Line Up:
01A...R.F. Amplifier 
01A.....1st. I.F. Amplifier
01A.....2nd. I.F. Amplifier
01A or 12A.....Audio Output

Hight...19.5 inches
Wedth...33 inches
Depth...13 inches

Frequency Range:
BC...550 Khz to 1500 Khz

Power Source:
...+6 Volts
Battery...+45 Volts
Battery...+90 Volts

    The Cardinola Radio Corporation derived it's name from the official state bird of Indiana, the Cardinol.  The company's brand logo decal, which shows the Cardinol perched on a branch, can be located just underneath the tuning dial on the front panel.  Notice that it says "Model 1N" while it's actually mounted on a model 2N.  This particular daecal shows a little damage from age but theres enough intact to show what the brand logo looked like.

    The Cardinola Radio Corporation with a factory at Indianapolis manufactures a complete line of radio receivers.  The local plant has simplified the operating of radio sets to a high degree of efficiency and simplicity by using a special one - dial control which makes it an easy matter to tune in the various stations.
    The Cardinola incorporates the latest low loss principles employing specially designed air - wound coils and condensers which assure greater selectivity, ample volume, distance and a tonal quality that is a revelation to the musically trained ear.  The harsh, rasping, incoherent noise heard in some receiving sets has been diminished, thus making radio a real entertainment and enjoyment.
    Cardinola receivers are encased in a solid walnut cabinet of two - tone design, the construction and finish being of high quality.  The lustrous solid black panel, engraved in gold and the parts in gold plating, add to the appearance of the receivers.

Indianapolis News write-up

Indianapolis City Directory 1926

Cardinola Radio Corporation
339 N. Capitol Ave.

President.....Donald N. Test  42 W. 43 Street, Indianapolis
Also associated with Central Moter Parts, Indianapolis

Vice President.....Ray J. Harris  1428 N. Pennslyvania Street, Indianapolis
Also associated with Highway Sales Corp., Indianapolis

Secritary / Treasurer.....Clara E. Dux  1536 E. Ohio Street, Indianapolis
Also associated with Highway Service Corp., Indianapolis

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