Atwater Kent 82Q
Atwater Kent Manufacturing Company,
4700 Wissahickon Avenue,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

    The 82Q is the battery version of the model 82 which is an AC powered set.  The suffix "Q" was Atwater Kent's designation for a battery operated radio whose tube filaments ran off a 2 volt battery along with multiple other batteries that fulfilled the B+ and C- voltage requirements.  The speaker incorporates four large powerful horseshoe magnets, which provide a sufficient magnetic field for the voice coil to work with.  The Atwater Kent 82 and 82Q radios are probably the most recognized style of cathedral radio next to the Philco 90 and 70 radios.  I've had this radio longer then any other radio in my collection.  It was purchased, in 1976, from Hanks Barber Shop in Westby, Wisconsin for $15.

Tube Line Up:
32.....R.F. Amplifier
32.....1st. Detector
32......I.F. Amplifier
32.....2nd. Detector
30.....1st Audio
33.....Audio Output

Power Source:
Battery  +2 Volts
Battery  +45 Volts
Battery  +67.5 Volts
Battery  +135 Volts
Battery  -3 Volts
Battery  -15 Volts

Height...19.5 inches
Width...16.5 inches
Depth...10 inches

Frequency Range:
BC...550 kHz to 1500 kHz
I.F.Freq....130 kHz

Schematic and information 1st. type (pre 1932 and below serial #2,550,940)

Schematic and information 1st. type (pre 1933 and below serial #2,550,940)

Schematic and information 2nd. type (pre 1933 and above serial #2,550,940)

Information 1st. and 2nd. type

This is the instruction card for the later version of 82-Q which features AVC.

Google map and street view of the 1928 factory.

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