Atwater Kent 387
Atwater Kent Manufacturing Company,
4700 Wissahickon Avenue,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

    The AK 387 was designed exclusively as a battery operated set, therefore, there was never any AC version offered. It was meant to be part of the 1933 line of AK radios but because Atwater Kent was so late in bringing it out, it was included in AK's 1934 model line. Because of this, the 387 can be considered the last of AK's first generation of large cathedral radios. This model can be found with either Bakelite knobs or wooden knobs and no AC version was made but there was a console version made, the 427Q. One other model used the same cabinet as did the 387 and that was the 257, an AC powered, dual band, four knob, export set.
    I acquired this set first as an empty cabinet at the 1995 IHRS Winter meet in Indianapolis, Indiana. A collector was carrying the cabinet through the main entrance door way and before he could set it down at his sales table, I bought it. In March of 2011 I finally located a junker set in the Chicago Craigslist. The cabinet was lightly damaged but it had everything that I needed to complete my 387. The seller, who lived in the northern edge of Chicago, rendezvoused with me at the Valparaiso Public Library and we finalized the sale.

Tube Line Up:
34...R.F. Amplifier
1A6...1st. Detector / Oscillator
34...I.F. Amplifier
32...2nd. Detector
30...Audio Driver
2 x 30...Push - Pull Audio Output

Frequency Range:
BC Band...550 kHz - 1500 kHz
I.F. Freq...264 kHz

Power Source:
Battery...+2 Volts
Battery...+67.5 Volts
Battery...+135 Volts
Battery...-3.0 Volts
Battery...-9.0 Volts
Battery...-10.5 Volts

Height...19.5 inches
Width...16.5 inches
Depth...10.5 inches

Schematics and information

    Top view of the chassis.

Google map and street view of the 1928 factory.

Library of Congress: Atwater Kent Manufacturing Company, North Plant, 5000 Wissahickon Avenue, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, PA

A Brief History of Arthur Atwater Kent and his Company.

Wikipedia: A. Atwater Kent

Shorpy Photos: Atwater Kent

    The Atwater Kent 257, which is a dual band, AC operated, export receiver, was the only model that used the same cabinet as did the 387.  This receiver covers both the American broadcast band (mid wave broadcast band in Europe) and the American weather band (low wave broadcast band in Europe).

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