Adco Advertising Clock
Manufactured by
Advertising Products Inc.
Cincinnati, Ohio USA

    This style of clock is referred to, today, as the double bubble clock.  Double bubble clocks consist of a concurved glass face which is covered by a equally concurved crystal.  The dial face usually features the advertisement while the crystal features the numbers. This perticular clock was made for Adco, Inc. of Sedalia, Missouri USA.  Adco is an old company that specializes in manufacturing and supplying products for the dry cleaning industry.  I acquired this clock, in 2001, from a newly formed second hand store which was housed in a 1930s era building in Logansport, Indiana.  That building was housed in an old tree lined neighborhood and was originally a family owned dry cleaning business that existed from 1936 to 1998.  I just happened to be driving through the neighborhood when I spotted the second hand store and decided to stop there and try my luck.  I was soon disappointed to find that all the contents in the store mostly consisted of uninteresting garage sale type items and just when I was leaving, I happened to look up and notice this clock, hanging over the front door just it had been since the 1950s.  I asked the lady of the store if she would consider selling the clock. It was apparent that she had never considered the clock as something to sell.  To her it was just something that came with the building when she purchased it to becoume her second hand store.  She asked me what I'd offer and when I gave her what I thought was a fair offer, she gladly accepted it and I wound up driving home with the clock.  That was probibly the only real sale she had for the whole time she was in business. A few days later, during restoration, I found that the clock worked fine but the florescent light and transformer were burned out from being continuously on for many years.  I found the exact replacement florescent light bulb and transformer, which came in one package wired up and ready to install, at a local hardware store in Carmel.  The clock is now fully restored and works fine.

Diameter...15.25 inches
Depth...4 inches

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