A-C Dayton XL-5
Dealers Glass Cabinet Model
A-C Electrical Manufacturing Company
Dayton, Ohio, USA

    The AC Dayton XL-5 was normally produced having a wooden cabinet but a few sets were produced featuring a special plate glass cabinet.  These glass cabinet sets were never intended to be offered to the buying public but were, instead, used by dealers as demonstration sets.  Unlike other glass cabinet radios such as the Dolores and the Chesterfield, AC Dayton made no effort to conceal the wiring of the demo XL-5 , in fact, the overall construction is slightly better then what's found in the standard wooden sets.  The company must have received a lot of positive reception for the glass cabinet XL-5 because in the following year, the company offered a glass cabinet version of their XL-25 radio.  I acquired this radio, in 1992, from Ed Bell by offering, in trade, a complete 1928 Leutz Transoceanic receiver with B/C power supply.  I acquired the Leutz receiver from Joe Koester in trade for a 1936 E. H. Scott All Wave 23 in a Laureate Grand cabinet which I originally bought from Chicago resident, Mel Fragassi, a retired engineer who used to work for Scott.

Tube Line Up:
01A...1st. R.F. Amplifier
01A...2nd. R.F. Amplifier
01A or 00A...Detector
01A...1st. Audio
01A or 12A...2nd. Audio

Height...8 inches
Width...25.5 inches
Depth...9 inches

Frequency Ranges:
BC Band...540 kHz - 1500 kHz

Power Source:
Battery...+6 Volts
Battery...+22.5 Volts
Battery...+90 Volts

    The schematic for this radio can be found at the Nostalgia Air web site by clicking on the links below.

Schematic and information

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