Wilson Radio Laboratories
2.25 Miles East on Bethel Pike
Alexandria, Indiana USA

    This Wilson model was one of the last models Wilson produced before WWII.  It was fitted with either a 8, 9, or 10 tube chassis.  The dial design was Charles Wilson's idea.  After seeing a smaller dial that was designed for another brand of radio, Charles asked Crow, the Chicago based company that supplied Wilson Laboratories it's dials and escutcheons, if it would be possible to make a larger version of the same dial for his radios, they did.  Today a majority of Wilson radios that are found throughout Indiana feature this large dial.  Originally Wilson produced two styles of upright, two styles of slant front console, and one style of table model radios, all featuring this giant dial.  The cabinets for these models were all supplied by Jenkins Cabinets of Indianapolis, Indiana.  I aquired this radio, in 1998, from an antique shop in Manchester, Indiana.

Tube Line Up:
6K7G...R.F. Amplifier
6A8G...1st. Detector /
Heterodyne Oscillator
6K7G...I.F. Amplifier
6H6G...2nd. Detector / AVC
6E5...Tuning Indicator
6C5G...1st. Audio Driver
6F6G...Audio Output
80...Fullwave Rectifier

Height...39.5 inches
Width...25.5 inches
Depth...15 inches

Frequency Ranges:
BC Band (White)...550 kHz - 1700 kHz
PB Band (Green)...1700 kHz - 5500 MHz
SW Band (Red)...5.5 MHz - 18 MHz
I.F...456 kHz

Power Source:
AC...110 Volts

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